DAINITE SOLES whats all the fuss.... Leather vs Rubber

Ok. I'm going to be really simple then get a little more into it. 



All the best dress shoes you will ever own will have a leather outsole. Leather soles are considered luxurious and smart. Never and I mean never wear a pair of rubber soled shoes with a tuxedo or classy suit. DAINITE is the exception to this rule. It is the only rubber outsole that can be considered luxurious and can be stitched in in place of leather.


A great quality leather outsole can last you from 2 to 3 years with heavy wear. We in most cases use La Querce #5 bends from Italy and have proven through are customers that this is true. We also use JR leather soles from Germany and in cities with heavy rain our suppliers recomend them... however there is an added cost


Although this subject has been debated many times and for as many that say leather is better there are that many that say rubber is. I will give you my opinion with a few facts.

A leather outsole takes less time to break in than rubber. Leather bends easier and this is the reason why. In fact when we resole your shoes with leather we can break them in a little bit.  Also when we remove your old leather sole we can sometimes see a vague imprint of your foot as the leather will contour to your feet. 

Leather breaths rubber doesn't. Unless your shoes are blake stitched water will not seap through rubber soles like they do leather.  Rubber soles add more traction outdoors and are recommended for heavy rain days. In many metropolitan cities people own a nice pair of leather soled shoes and a nice pair of rubber soled shoes.... preferably DAINITE


We are the only stockist of DAINITE full and half soles in the USA and we get request from as far away as Hawaii and New York for them. 

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January 25, 2016

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