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George "Georgio" started working on shoes in 1937 when he was 8 years old. George is a master shoemaker with ​unsurpassed knowledge of shoe architecture, artistry and skills that he has learned throughout  his life...  He knows shoes inside and out.

He was a professional fútbol player for the Independente club, Judo champion and life guard. He continued to work on shoes in Argentina until he joined the army where he served for 2 years in the cavalry, when horses where still being used in battle. His horse was named 285 and it was said he could jump over a 6ft wall.

After a full athletic life and time for bigger opportunities he made the "immigrant hustle" to The United States after he gained experience in a high end shoe factory... He set foot on American soil with only 8 dollars in his pocket and with a lending hand from his uncle and prominent business man in Fresno. His uncle lent him 800 dollars to open his first store. "Georgio" payed him back in full in only a months time.

Fast forwarding to current times.... Arsen has been touring the world with his successful rocknroll/rockabilly band "ARSEN ROULETTE" since 2004 and was living in Italy when his dad had a stroke. He returned home immediatly to join his dad in business. "Georgio" had taught Arsen, "Giorgio"  the ropes since he was a young child. Teaching him the  fine artistry, architecture and mastery he has learn the past 75 years.

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