Our families craft of a shoemaking dates back to 1937... together with the skills handed down from father to son over time and experience, allow us to offer quality of the highest level for the care and maintenance of your shoes.


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George "Georgio" Sheklian started working on footwear in 1937 when he was 8 years old. In the early 50's "Georgio" and his brother started manufacturing shoes in his home town of Buenos Aires Argentina under the label "Sheklian Bros." In 1962 George left his home in Argentina to start a new life in USA. In 1963 George opened his first shoe repair and later opened a shoe boutique offering bespoke shoes. This store was called "Step'n'Out".

Fast forwarding to current times we have been

Sierra Shoe Repair since 1980.

In 2009 when George had a stroke... his son and successful touring artist Arsen moved back from Italy to join his dad in business but only after Georges recovory did the duo start manufacturing leather goods and accesories under te brand Georgio's and son. 

Now his legacy lives on through his son Arsen Georgio Sheklian who is in charge of both operations.




THE CHANGE UP at Sierra Shoe Repair

We offer sole swaps and this will change the whole look and comfort of your shoes. From leather to rubber, rubber to leather or chose one of the exotic outsoles we import directly from Britan and Italy. 

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